Our Sauces

This incredible sauce recipe has delighted palates through generations traveling from our home in Africa to the U.S. and now to your table. Its savory/spicy yet mildly sweet flavor pairs beautifully with everything from sharp cheese and crackers to eggs, meats, fish, and so much more. Find your own perfect pairing!

We hope Lal's sweet chili sauce will become a mainstay on your table as it is on ours.

The Flavors

Lals 16.jpg

Original Flavor

The perfect sweetness from preserves blended with spicy peppers and freshly ground spices. A truly all round sauce that will light up your pallet pairing beautifully with cheeses, meats, eggs or your favorite dish.

lals 18.jpg

Raspberry Flavor

Wonderful hint of fresh raspberries with a spicy finish. Pairs perfectly with Brie or any sharp cheese. Prepare beautifully glazed pork chops, ribs or simply enjoy with your favorite cut of beef. 

lals 19.jpg

Horseradish Flavor

A great substitute for regular shrimp cocktail sauce. Pairs beautifully with all seafood, roast beef, ham or simply spread to spice up your Reuben sandwich. 

Lals 17.jpg

Chipotle Flavor

This bold flavor brings out the true taste of the wonderful Chipotle pepper. Slightly more spicy with a smoky flavor and the perfect balance of sweetness. 

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